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Healing Mind Therapies.

I have struggled with lack of confidence and low self esteem all of my life.  The sessions with Kathy allowed me to learrn how to relax and begin to feel comfortable in my own skin.  She has helped me feel that I am a worthwhile person and can achieve whatever I want to in life. Jenny M.

I have been helped to make positive changes in my life and cannot say how grateful I am to have stumbled on this type of therapy that has made all the difference.  Brian J.

I have had three sessions with Kathy and she has been instrumental in helping me to reduce my stress levels, have a better sleep and see life in a more positive and helpful way.  Sharon D.

The experience of depression has been with me for many years and  I have tried many ways in which to address it to no avail.  I split from my husband quite a while ago and since then have gone down hill.  Hypnotherapy has turned my life around and I could not be happier to experience the changes that have occurred for me.  My life is now back on track.   Wendy C.

I have suffered with anxiety and grief since losing a family member and hypnotherapy has helped me alleviate the pain of grief and anxiety and deal with it in a much better way.  Thank you Kathy for your ongoing support.  Jane S.